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Repeater News - EI7LLX Updates

Due to conflicts on DTMF codes, changes have been been made to the various access codes.
The DTMF Codes use ABCD 1- 10

C1 Information, News, Events Etc
C2 2 Metre access
C3 Not Allocated
C4 EI 2 LLX 70.2875 Simplex
C5 Tyrone repeater
C7 S.E.A.R.G.
C9 Not Allocated
C0 Cancel

TOT 10 mins

Audio ID and network access connect/Disconnect

New: 16/8/2012. ATV Transmitter Settings

DIP Switch Setting information available here Page 2 here

South Dublin Radio Club

Congratulations to South Dublin Radio Club for their installation of their ATV repeater on the Dublin Mountains. More information to follow from repeater keeper EI9FHB Tom EI7HT and EI9ED from Kells Radio Club.


Cavan ATV Repeater network is in operation, TX Mode only pointing towards Dublin on a Rotator. Speak to EI7HT for Instructions


Getting Started


One way of finding out if there is ATV Activity in your area is to listen on 144.750mhzfm. This is the international ATV calling Frequency and is used as local talkback and working frequency.

Picture Reporting

You will hear atv’ers exchanging picture reports using "p" numbers.  These numbers are a simple system of picture quality reporting, similar to the readability scale for phone transmissions.  The scale runs from 0 to 5 with a p5 being a top quality picture and a p0 barely discernable at all.

23 cm Band Plan

In ei the band plan is 1240 mhz - 1300 mhz. Transmissions on this band can mainly be found around 1249 mhz and 1260 mhz

13 cm Band Plan

EI 3LLT Cavan ATV Repeater TX output 2370 Mhz

EI 3TRT Dublin ATV Reperater TX output 2390 Mhz

For more information see the Repeater info page

3 cm Band Plan

In ei the band plan is 10,000 mhz to 10,500 mhz. Transmissions in this band are mainly found around 10,300 mhz to 10,400 mhz. Because of the complexity of this band most contacts are by schedule only and are strictly point to point between stations.


Contact: Email EI9ED@KELS.ie